BBNaija: watch Eric and Lilo share special moment in bedroom

We have so many ships set to sail in the Big Brother Naija house, but perhaps the only certain one at the moment is Eric and Lilo, a.k.a 'Liric'.

The couple have been friends since the start of the show, taking things slowly, but it appears they are starting to reach new levels, having kissed twice in the last 24 hours.

The first, 'Liric' kiss came during the Saturday night party, as they sat by a corner in the club, so it wasn't very clear. However, the second was not easy to miss at all, as it happened right in the bedroom, as they sat together on a bed. 

Before the kiss happened, Eric and Lilo are seen chatting, as he wiped makeup off her face, but then, as soon as his hand came down, he planted a quick one on her lips.

It was a very cute moment, and we're hoping this ship sails all the way to it's final destination. Can we hear an 'Amen'?

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