D'Banj's rape accuser, Seyitan Babatayo, withdraws case from court

Seyitan Babatayo, the lady who accused singer, D'Banj, of rape a few weeks ago, has withdrawn the matter from the law court.

The young woman made this known in an official statement, after word had already broken on the development.

In her statement, Seyitan revealed she was taking the matter away from court in favour of a more amiable settlement. She also cited the need to have her peace and posterity as the reasons for the decision.

She thanked popular activist and social media influencer, Segun Awosanya, a.k.a Segalink, who arranged the out-of-court settlement, and absolved him of any wrongdoings.

She further added the settlement was non-financial, and thanked NGO, Stand To End Rape (STER), who had taken up the matter, legally, on her behalf initially.

In case you missed it, Seyitan Babatayo, had accused D'Banj of illegally gaining access to her hotel room, and raping her in 2016, earlier in June this year. 

The singer denied the accusation and the matter went to court from there, and after a lot of back and forth between both parties, they arrived at this point.

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