Beauty: How To Clear Your Face Pimples And Restore Your Confidence

Unexpected Acne is everyone's worse Nightmare, mostly before an event or occasion.
But don't worry, we've got you covered cos there is a way in which you can get rid of those angry pimples and restore your confidence.

1. Tumeric Powder;
First of all start with 1/2 tea spoon of tumeric powder, which is known to kill bacteria and also aids in healing acne.

2.  Cinnamon Powder;
Cinnamon is known to posses antiseptic properties, which sinks into your pores to cleanse. Just add 1 tea spoon of Cinnamon powder.

3.  Lemon;
Lemon contains ascorbic acid that naturally dries up the pimple. Just add 1 tea spoon of Lemon.

4.  Honey;
Mix the paste with 1 tea spoon of honey in other to open up clogged pores and add hydration.

5.  Apply;
Then finally, Rub the mixed paste to your face or affected area evenly.

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