See the young woman who claims she got pregnant as a virgin

A 24 year old woman has become an internet sensation, after claiming she got pregnant without having sex.

The lady, who says her name is Samantha Lynn Isabel, recently uploaded a video on popular social media platform, TikTok, where she broke down the experience and how it happened.

According to Samantha, she was just 19 when she found out she was expecting, despite having not engaged in more than foreplay with her boyfriend, Alex.

She also claims she was at prom when she discovers she missed her period. She then mentioned it to her man, who didn't take it seriously because obviously, they hadn't engaged in sexual intercourse at the time.

She adds that she got tested eventually, and it came back positive, and that left her scared because she had no idea how to push a baby through her body.

She gave birth to a son, named Bentley, and then, went on to have another son named, Theo. 

Samantha's video on TikTok is blowing the internet away, and everyone seems to love it.

FYI, she and Alex are still together, and in case, you're wondering; it is indeed, possible to get pregnant during foreplay!

Images: TikTok and Daily Mail UK

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