(video) man sends cheating girlfriend away from his house, after finding out their daughter isn't his

It is sometimes, just unbelievable and scary how cool some people can be when they're angry!

Fam, there's a trending video that shows the moment a man informed his girlfriend of many years he's aware she cheated and their daughter isn't his, in the meanest and craziest way imaginable!

In the video, the man, whose seems to be capturing the moment himself, is seen standing next to the woman, as she gradually unwrapped what looks to be a DNA test result, disguised as a present.

The unsuspecting lady, however, got hit with disappointment, as she eventually found out it was only a test result, and not what she had imagined.

Oh, and we mention the DNA test result was hidden in an envelop wrapped inside multiple bags and boxes? 

Anyway, the crazy video ends with the heartbroken lady asking the man why he's treating her like that, to which he simply said it's because she cheated on him, and he knows their daughter isn't his. He also goes on to give them until the end of the month to move out of his house!

This is definitely terrible and sad. We don't like that the lady lied for many years, but this was some harsh way to treat someone you've lived with for that long, or what do you think, guys?

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