BBNaija: Watch Kiddwaya tell Erica why he likes her

After the Saturday night party, the housemates were very excited, and lots of conversations took place. 

One of the most interesting was of course, the one between budding friends, Erica and Kiddwaya while they were alone around the kitchen.

As they both are something Erica took from the kitchen, they spoke about a lot, and Kidd took the chance to let Erica know she's amazing and deserves nothing short of a man who is responsible and caring.

The chat went on, and at some point, we could hear Erica asking the billionaire son why he's attracted to her. Kidd told Erica he doesn't even understand it all, and it's a natural connection he has with her. 

Kids also told Erica he was drawn to her the moment he saw her on the first day of the show, when she came in a white dress, which made her blush a little bit. 

Take a look at the clip: 

We love this couple already!

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