Wife & Mother-In-Law Fight Over Who Will Sit In Front Of Her Husband’s Car (Video)

It was a huge scene caused by a wife and her mother-in-law as they disagreed with each other over who gets to sit in the front seat of her husband’s car.

The mother of the young man who's name is unknown yet had already sat in the front sat, making her the first person to sit there. while the wife didn't really buy into the idea of her seating there as she was shouting and struggling her way to unseat her mother-in law and take hold of the front seat.

They almost fought each other but they didn't as the son was they to curb the situation and further explain things to her wife. The mother rather seemed uninterested in her ranting as she sat there in the front sit and exchange words with her.

It's a huge drama between a Wife & her Mother-in-law.

Watch The Short Clip Below;

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