Actress, Angela Okorie, slams people for 'Celebrating' Chadwick Boseman, after his death

Nollywood star, Angela Okorie on Sunday, took to her social media, to attack those who put up photos of Chadwick Boseman on the internet, to celebrate him after the news of his death.

As we reported, the actor's family, over the weekend, shared the shocking news of his death, and many took to their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to pay their respects.

But Angela, who obviously didn't realize Chadwick didn't make his illness public knowledge, wasn't pleased with the fact that people celebrated him after his death.

According to the actress, it was hypocritical to do that, and people should have celebrated the man during his lifetime.

She made a short video, which was posted on her verified Instagram page, with the caption,

"In conclusion, people celebrate death more than life. Celebrate life that is worth celebrating not when they are gone. Especially people who have done a lot to put smiles on your face.

“Don’t let low self esteem, inferiority complex and hate eat you up. All that epistle doesn’t really matter when the person don’t (sic) get to see it.

“Too much hate in the world and I don’t know why, abeg no reason to hate any1 oooo”.

What do you think about her opinion?

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