Arsenal On The Verge Of Signing Willian


Arsenal gets closer to signing Willian as the football star rejects Chelsea's offer.

Arsenal moved into first position to signing the 32-year-old Brazilian by offering him a 3-year-deal after he rejected the 2-year-deal offered to him by Chelsea rather than his desired 3-year-deal.

The Gunners who won their 14th FA Cup Title after beating the blues are on the verge of beating off the likes of Inter Miami and Barcelona on signing the Brazilian football Star.

However, Chelsea head coach, Lampard, has revealed he's not going to have any hard feelings if Willian exits the Club.

He said;

"It actually doesn't matter about disappointment from any party in this situation," said Lampard, ahead of Chelsea's Champions League tie against Bayern Munich on Saturday.

"I haven't got an answer for you (if Willian will leave) first and foremost, because Willian remains our player at the moment.

"In terms of being disappointed, certainly as a club I think we have done everything we can to explain to Willian, and mine and his relationship is really close."

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