Erica is pissed with Laycon- see why

Laycon is not Erica's favourite person right now, and that might not change any time soon.

As you may already know, TolaniBaj, Erica and Kiddwaya were all issued strikes today, as soon as Big Brother returned because they broke some rules of the show.

Erica actually got two strikes— one, because she whispered, and another, because she slept in the head of house lounge longer than she should have. 

After the strikes were issued, the rising actress wasn't happy, and some of the other housemates came to show sympathy. 

However, Laycon didn't show up, and that made Erica more unhappy. She was captured moments later, talking to Neo about it, and how disappointed she is in their friendship.

Erica also said she would no longer be friends with Laycon after the show, after what he did.

What do you think? Was Laycon wrong?

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