BBNaija: "He's a good kisser"- Wathoni reveals she kissed BrightO

Somebody needs to get a hold of Kayode, we need to have a word with that man! 

Or how else can we explain missing out on the steamy lip-rubbing and saliva exchange moment between Wathoni and BrightO?

Yes, you read that right! Who would have thought 'Pastor' BrightO had it in him to get jiggy? Of course, we're just kidding.

But we gotta admit many of us we're shocked a bit on Saturday night, after hearing Wathoni reveal to TolaniBaj and Vee that she kissed BrightO the night before.

If you missed it, BrightO and Wathoni have been sleeping together these days, and apparently, after Friday's game session, they shared the eccentric and intriguing BrightO's bed.

Wathoni says they both kissed, and she felt it in her bones...mmmm! 

Well done, BrightO! We see you!

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