BBNaija: "I don't want to fight you because of a man"- Dora tells Wathoni

Wathoni and Dora must have a thing for sharing, otherwise, how can they not avoid these triangles they keep finding themselves in? We'll explain!

So Dora and Wathoni appear to have a thing for our resident BBNaija 'Pastor', BrightO. 

The women have been getting closer to the eccentric and intriguing man these past two weeks or so, and on Saturday, after the night party, they almost argued over who would share the king's bed.

Dora actually went to speak to Wathoni about her feelings for BrightO, and let her know she was going to spend the night on his bed.

Of course, the news didn't go down well with Wathoni, who tried to suppress her unhappiness. 

Dora also told Wathoni she wanted to make sure she (Wathoni) wasn't intending to pursue a serious relationship with BrightO, and that she (Dora) could easily back out and kill her lust for him, if she (Wathoni) was.

Wathoni, however, didn't say a "Yes" or "No", but instead, told Dora to go sleep on BrightO's bed, and see his reaction.

According to her, if BrightO was really into her, he would ask Dora to leave because they (he and Wathoni) already had plans to sleep together, and that if he didn't say anything, then, clearly, he wasn't worth it.

See their conversation below:

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