Lionel Messi Ranks Above Ronaldo In List Of 10 Best-Paid Players In World Football

  Lionel Messi, named as the richest player in world football.

The Argentine, has been named as the wealthiest in world football ahead his Portugues rival, Christaino Ronaldo In a list compiled by France Football for the top 10 best-paid players in 2019. 

Messi, who earns £500k per week made a whooping £120million last year, £11m more than Christaino Ronaldo. 

Ronaldo who earns £688k per week at Juventus, made an overall sum of £109million last year. 

Both players are the only players to exceed the £100m level on the list which was made up from their wages, bonuses, endorsements, commercial revenue, and other streams.

On the other hand, Neymar Jr made a staggering £87m last year while Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale received £35.45m. 


See the list below.


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