"Neo will get tired of Vee"- Kiddwaya tells BrightO

Kiddwaya has told BrightO he believes what Neo feels for Vee isn't real, and it's only a matter of time before he quits the relationship.

According to the Billionaire son, who made this known during a chat with BrightO earlier on Friday, Neo is a proper street boy, while Vee is a UK-bred lady, and they have different values and backgrounds. 

He also said Neo will get fed up of the British accent and the lifestyle soon, and move on to another woman when they leave the house. 

Kidd's assessment comes after Neo allegedly revealed he was only using his relationship with Vee to show wealthy older women he can be a loverboy, so they come for him when he exits the show.

But this was weeks ago, and things could have changed.

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