Nigerian Ladies Cry Out For Help In Saudi Arabia (Video)

A video of a Nigerian lady who's name is still unknown has surfaced on the internet pleading for rescue that they're stranded in Saudi Arabia.

In the video, the lady who's eyes are teary pleaded on behalf of other Nigerian ladies working in Saudi Arabia, that the Nigerian Government and other prominent Nigerians should come for their help.

She explained, they've completed their contracts that they want to return home. Tho, their identity are yet to be known as she was seen covering her face in the video as she pleads with President Buhari, Governor Seyi Makinde to come rescue them in Saudi Arabia.

She Said;

Please on behalf of all the ladies working in Saudi Arabia, our governor Seyi Makinde, President Muhammadu Buhari, please we need your help. We have completed our contract. Please come to our rescue. We are just stranded here. We are weak. We can't continue with this. Please help us. We need your help. Please. To all the prominent people in Nigeria, please we need your help. We want to go back to Nigeria. Please do something.''

Watch Her Below;

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