Rapper, Fetty Wap, sued for $64k engagement ring

Fetty Wap's ex- wife, Leandra Gonzalez, has sued the rapper over her engagement ring.

According to court documents, the lady is asking that Fetty Wap gives her back the $60k ring, or pay her the sun of $37k because it rightfully belongs to her, based on the fact they got married.

However, reports say the ring in contention was never actually paid for, but bought on consignment, and was returned to the jeweller, after their marriage ended.

Reports also say that Fetty Wap is willing to buy Leandra another engagement ring, as long it isn't the same one he retrieved.

Leandra wedded Fetty Wap in August 2019, and the marriage crashed in October, after the rapper accused her of infidelity.

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