Revealed: Erica cried after choosing Kiddwaya above Laycon as deputy head of house (watch)

Fam, it appears Erica truly didn't find it an easy decision picking Kiddwaya as her deputy head of house, instead of Laycon.

If you recall, on Monday, Erica emerged the new head of house, after winning a  challenge out together for the position.

However, with the position comes some responsibility, including picking a deputy, but considering her situation with Kiddwaya and Laycon, it wasn't easy for her.

She however, eventually settled for Kiddwaya, after thinking about it for some time, but even though we didn't see it at that time, it seems she went to cry in the bathroom moments after taking her decision. 

Fans have been wondering the reason she cried, and if it could mean she's not being honest about how she truly feels about both men.

What do you think?

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