TBoss celebrates daughter on her birthday

TBoss's lovely daughter is a year old today, and the former reality star can't keep calm.

In the past few hours, TBoss has been sharing some beautiful photos of the girl on her Instagram, while letting the world know how much she means to her.

In one photo, she wrote, "No other person I would rather make Such Beautiful Memories with than with my Daughter Star.

"You’re Hand on my Heart The Best Gift Everrr....

"Happy 1st Birthday to My Queen & My Every Every..."

She then, added in another photo, which was of herself, "It’s Our Birthday...

"Yes, our Birthday because today last year when my Daughter was born I was also Reborn. At this exact time last year I was fighting for my life with the only weapon I had which was Prayers so it’s safe to say that I’m not being Extra if I Celebrated Myself today as well...

"Meanwhile, y’all think I pulled off the ‘Moana’ look or nahhh?"

These photos are very beautiful, TBoss. Happy birthday, to your daughter!

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