Wathoni goes crazy again, because of Kiddwaya

Wathoni, on Tuesday night, lost it over something Kiddwaya said to her and the rest of the house.

Drama ensued when the reigning head of house was reading the task brief from Big Brother to his fellow housemates.

However, the housemates were not paying attention, and didn't seem to take the brief seriously, which pissed Kiddwaya off.

In the anger moment, Kidd told the housemates they'd better get serious, and that if they don't, it would still be on them, because he is safe until next week.

The comment didn't go down well with some of the housemates, who then, got angry and began to vent about it.

Lucy, Neo, Vee and Wathoni were the most visibly angry, but Wathoni took it all to a different level, as she recalled everything that Kidd and Erica have done in the past that wasn't good.

Take a look at the clip below:

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