'We're not in a relationship'- Nengi to Prince

Nengi, has again, told Prince she isn't into him romantically.

Prince seems smitten by the Bayelsa born beauty, and wants to have her as his own, but she has maintained she has a man outside, and doesn't want to get romantically linked with anyone in the Big Brother house.

Last night, during a conversation between the two in the garden, Prince was asking to know why she likes to flirt with other guys in the house, but Nengi told him he too is guilty of the same offense.

Prince denied the accusation, and at some point, a visibly irritated Nengi could be heard telling him it actually doesn't matter if any of them decides to flirt with other people because they're not even dating.

It was a moment of disappointment and pain for Prince, who went mute for a few minutes. 

Watch a clip from their conversation below:

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