Actress, Lilian Esoro sounds warning to whoever cares to listen

Nollywood star, Lilian Esoro, has sounded a warning to her fans on Instagram, and it's quite interesting.

The actress, who has a son from her marriage to Triple MG boss, Ubi Franklin, took to her Instagram account recently, to warn her followers of the possibily unseen danger in sharing your friends with other people.

According to Lilian, sometimes, it is best to not introduce your important friends to the other people in your life because they can actually go and ruin that friendship for you, even when it probably took you years to build.

She also added that the worst part about finding yourself in that type of situation is that once it happens, you can't ask them to 'unknow' themselves.

The thought, which was shared on her IG story, read, "Don’t Introduce your ‘important’ people to just anyone. Some humans have the ability to ruin friendships you took years to build.

“And never forget that once you allow two people to know each other, you can’t tell them to ‘unknow’ themselves."

We don't know where this might have come from, but clearly, something that happened recently or a memory must have triggered the comments.

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