English author, JK Rowling, facing backlash, for her new book about transgenders

British author, JK Rowling, was on the receiving end of major backlash on Tuesday, after reports surfaced she's about to release a new book about transgender people.

Apparently, the book, which had been titled, 'Troubled Blood', is about a transgender man, who is a serial killer, and dresses up like a woman, to murder his victims.

We haven't read the book, because it was only released on September 15 (Tuesday), but people in the LGBT Community consider the content offensive, and have taken to social media in their numbers, to criticize it, and call for Rowling to be boycotted.

Of course, Rowling, who is a known critic of transgenders, is yet to comment on the reception the book has received, and we doubt she will.

Meanwhile, see some of the negative reactions the new book: 


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