Kanye West urinates on his Grammy award | See Why (Tweets/Video)


Music and fashion icon, Kanye West is not joking anymore as he took his attacks on the American music industry to a whole new level as he posted a video on Twitter on Wednesday showing him urinating on his Grammy award, while posting more tweets threatening Universal music.


This reaction came after the 43-year-old blasted popular American music group, Universal Music and other music labels for giving out slave contracts to artistes and then alleging that the company doesn't want him to buy off his music masters because they want to make billions off him even in his death.


Now he has taken his attack to another level, even revealing details of his contract and praising Hit boy, a Grammy award winning producer who was motivated by Kanye's tweets and came out to reveal he has worked for Universal music for over 10 years but is still 'enslaved' by their contract.

See his tweets and watch the video below...


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