"Laycon will die"— Erica attacks Laycon again because of kiss

Erica lost it last night, after the party, as she again, brought up the talk about Laycon 'lying' to other housemates she tried to kiss him multiple times.

The incident started quietly, with Laycon asking Erica to come to her, and she refusing to because she wanted to talk about what happened over a week ago, when the show host, Ebuka, asked Laycon to explain why he said Erica tried to kiss her multiple times.

However, Laycon didn't want to speak about the matter, and that seemed to make Erica lose her cool, as she began raining insults on the budding singer.

Erica called him all sorts of names, including, 'skinny', 'ugly', and 'manipulative', and threatened to kill him.

While all these happened, Kiddwaya, Trikytee and Prince tried to calm Erica down, but she just wouldn't stop.

Watch the clips below, for more.

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