more BBNaija drama, as Neo and Vee break up

Neo and Vee broke up again on Saturday night, after having a minor disagreement, but this time, it wasn't about food.

The lovebirds had settled down to eat after the party, when we noticed Neo storming away from the dinning table.

He went into the room, and ranted on about how he was no longer interested in the relationship because he was being taken for granted.

As Neo ranted, Vee was calm, and tried to get him to stop because he was pushing her. She also told him if he continued shouting, knowing she could leave on Sunday, she would end whatever they had because clearly, he didn't care enough.

At that point, Neo, didn't seem to care, but after a few housemates got him to see reason, he went back and tried to apologize, but by then, it already seemed very late. 

Vee shouted back at him for being very immature and ended their relationship right there. 

Watch the clips below, for more:

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