Actress, ChaCha Eke, reveals she's been diagnosed with a disease, brother attacks husband

As the days go by, more details on the crashed marriage of actress, ChaCha Eke, continue to pop up, and the latest development doesn't look great at all.

As you may already know, the actress recently announced that her 7 year old marriage to Filmmaker, Austin Faani has packed up.

And since she made the announcement, there have been speculations as to what really happened between them, with some suggesting she may have suffered domestic violence from her husband.

However, the actress has shot down those rumours. 

She recently released a video of herself on a hospital bed somewhere in Asaba, Nigeria, and revealed she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder by different health experts.

ChaCha Eke denied allegations that her enstranged husband beat her, and claimed he never lifted a finger on her throughout the years they were together.

The actress also spoke about mental illness and the way it is perceived in Nigeria, urging people to take it more seriously.

Meanwhile, the actress's brother has reacted to the viral video of her revealing she has bipolar disorder.

According to the man, he has been reunited with ChaCha Eke, and she isn't at the hospital as the video seemed to portray.

He also accused Austin Faani of orchestrating the viral video, as if to suggest he has access to her social media account. 

Watch the video and see her brother's reaction below. 

We wish her speedy recovery!

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