Elites get in here! Kiddwaya's mom just made announcement about 'Kiddrica'

If ever we needed a reason to believe in the realness of 'Kiddrica', we may have gotten one now!

It looks like that 'Versace wedding' Kiddwaya's dad spoke about for his son and Erica could happen soon, after all, because Mama Waya has just made the ultimate declaration!

So Erica is currently having her meet and greet in Abuja, and Kiddwaya's mom is in attendance. But that's not even all! Mrs Waya has declared herself a member of the 'Kiddrica' ship! 

Erica's event is being broadcast live on her Instagram account, and at some point during the event, Kidd's mom was invited to speak.

As she grabbed the microphone, she declared her love for Erica, and that she's a huge fan of 'Kiddrica'!

The announcement set the event on fire, as the fans around began shouting in excitement, before Erica, who was also visibly happy, got up to give her a hug.

Watch the clip, below:

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