Nigerians Jubilate As Onitsha Seaport Becomes Functional After 40 Years

Nigerians are just full of excitement as they react to the reopening of the Onitsha seaport which was not in use for over 40 years.

They are so grateful to President Buhari for reopening it for them even though it took time, getting back to business alone is enough for them and they are so happy about it.

Photos sighted online shows how excited they are and appreciative of President Buhari as the Onitsha seaport becomes functional again after 40 years.

The Plan is to move containers from Lagos & Onne Ports to Onitsha by barge. For now I believe what’s being done is testing. You need to do a pilot first, assess efficiency, do troubleshooting etc, before you roll out full operations. But if it works as planned it’s gon be a BFD!!

So someone just pointed out to me that on the Maersk website,Onitsha is nowgene available as a port of final destination. A vessel departing Shanghai Oct 10 (this Sat) has Onitsha listed as terminal port (arrival Dec 2, 2020).








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