Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo buys his mom a new car (video)

Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo, has gifted his mother a car, to celebrate his chieftaincy.

The actor and model, who was recently made a chief in Amumara village in Mbaise, Imo state, showed off a few clips from the moment he presented her with the car on his social media, to the delight of many of his friends and fans.

He captioned the post, "To celebrate my Chieftaincy, I surprised my mum with a little gift, thank you mum for the constant peayers, it’s working. I love you forever and a day mum."

Only a few days ago, Alexx shared a video of himself receiving the chieftaincy title during the new yam festival, in the village, and revealed his new title is 'Ikuku of Amumara'.

Alexx Ekubo actually hails from Arochukwu in Abia state, so this is impressive!

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