(video) Is this proof that Erica and Kiddwaya are dating?

Since they became very close during Big Brother Naija Lockdown, Erica and Kiddwaya have been very coy about the true nature of their relationship.

On more than one occasion, when they were asked to describe what they share, they always used words like, 'Special friends' and 'good friends', but weeks have gone by since the pair exited the show, and we have seen so much to suggest they may be lying about what is truly going on.

We have seen clips and photos of Erica with Kiddwaya's mom, and we have seen multiple interviews where they used very uncommon terms to describe the type of relationship they share. 

But perhaps one of the most interesting was when Kiddwaya had an Instagram live session weeks ago, when he was asked to speak about the way he feels about Erica. 

The billionaire son didn't mince words or beat around the bush that time, instead he simply said he cherishes her, and that what they shared in the house, he could never have had with someone else.

But beyond that is a clip we found from a recent interview Erica had with popular vlogger, Chude, where she pretty much have away how she feels about her man, Kidd.

As the interviewer asked her to speak about their relationship, Erica as usual, tried to play coy, but as the interviewer pressed, she gave it all away with her smile, laughter and comments.

Of course, we know it's hard to draw a conclusion from a mere video, but in our experience, body language is a lot, and it often doesn't lie. 

Erica is very much into Kiddwaya, and if the body language we see in the clip below is anything to go by, they have pretty much made what they have official.

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