Diane Russet Saves A Lady’s Marriage By Giving Her Husband The Perfect Advice (Photo)

Big Brother Naija (PepperDem) season 4 housemate, Diane Russet has given a married man the right advice to make his marriage work after he spoke of not having feelings for his wife anymore.

The reality tv star took to her Instagram page to engage her followers in a conversation about their deepest secret no one knows and an unidentified man replied saying, he is not in love with his wife anymore.

Feeling shocked and sensing divorce from afar, Diane advised him about the variety of things that could be done to help revive that special feeling he had for his wife that led them to the altar.

Sir, I’m not married yet, I don’t think I will give the perfect answer but the truth is I feel it’s normal to fall out of love in marriage, that’s why spicing things up is advisable, going on dates, reliving the dating phase.

I hope y’all both talk and work things out. God bless your home.

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