I will block you if you ask me when I will get married -Alexx Ekubo

 Nollywood Actor, Alexx Ekubo, seems getting pissed off of being asked when he'll get married” question, he has threatened to block anyone who will throw it at him.

He took to his Instagram page to warn that, nobody should come at him to question when his wedding will be, especially when he shares that, he is attending someone’s wedding.

Alexx, made this threat when he shared some fine photos of himself, looking dapper and ready to hit someone’s wedding to go eat “somebody’s daughter’s jollof rice and kai-kai.”

In his post, he however, made it clear that he has said it so many times that, though he will be getting married, it will not be now as he plans on doing that somewhere in the ‘future future.’

Alexx is one of Nollywood’s fine bachelors and a crush of many ladies. Tagged as a ‘ladies man’, many wonders when he will finally settle with someone.

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