Lady ran off after she was told the price of the dress she order cost 400k (Photos)

 A Nigerian lady identified as @TheNicoleken on Twitter has taken to the platform to narrate how she attempted to place order for a dress she saw online but was told it would cost her N400k.

She had taken to the fashion brand’s WhatsApp DM to make an enquiry about a dress she saw on the brand’s page and was told the fabrics go for N100k per yard while cost of production alone is N200k.

The brand however told her that the model used in the sample she saw is very slim, which implies she may be needing to spend N200k for 2 yards of the said fabrics.

See screenshots attached below;

In reaction to her tweet, other users of the micro blogging platform shared their experiences. See some of the reactions below;

A certain lady identified with the handle @AihiRocks also took to the reply section to share a similar experience with same brand. According to her, she made inquiry for a dress she saw on the brand’s page and was told N500k.

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