Please don't send me to early grave - Eniola Badmus goes emotional to pleads with fans body shaming her

 Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus, has called out social media users over her body-shaming trolls on social media.

Recently in her post, she pleaded with social media users to stop mocking her over her body stature. Body shaming seems to be one big problem she is facing with her fans, as she laments on receiving numerous texts about her body structure everyday.

She pleaded with her fans, and asked them to avoid body-shaming her in order not to send her to her early grave. She explained that she is only chubby but has not stolen any meat from anybody.

She also stated that, she indicated that, laughing at her and calling her coconut head is not needed as she does her things in her own way. Earlier today, a fan trolled her on Instagram after she shared a photo of herself.

A fan who did not understand her stands quizzed that, sometimes Eniola grows fat and sometimes too she grows thin so which one should they take. Eniola Badmus gave her a savage reply and told her that, she had a lot to change about her destiny instead of body shaming jer on social media.

See her screenshot below,

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